Alarm #



Street Address

Type of Call

37108/03/200910:08DEVITT ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
37008/03/200908:32FONDA ROADMotor vehicle accident with 
36908/03/200906:12JOHNSON ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
36808/01/200913:18ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
36707/31/200921:27TERMINAL ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
36607/31/200915:33GUIDEBOARD ROADMotor vehicle accident with injuries
36507/31/200911:07HYLAND DRIVEGood intent call, other
36407/31/200908:08CHURCH HILL ROADPower line down
36307/30/200920:04MIDDLETOWN ROADMotor vehicle accident with injuries
36207/29/200918:19FONDA ROAD AT Extrication, rescue, other
36107/29/200917:00CHASE COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
36007/29/200910:53CHURCHILL ROADRescue, EMS incident, other
35907/27/200909:55CHASE COURTOverpressure rupture of air or gas
35807/25/200920:34TIMBER DRIVEAuthorized controlled burning
35707/25/200913:18FIREHOUSE ROADBuilding fire
35607/24/200922:30GUIDEBOARD ROADArcing, shorted electrical 
35507/24/200920:50FAIRFAX ROWMedical assist, assist EMS 
35407/24/200919:01ROBINWOOD DRIVEBuilding fire
35307/24/200911:29WHITE BIRCH ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
35207/24/200908:04KATHERINE DRIVEGood intent call, other
35107/24/200905:39MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
35007/24/200903:30MINUTEMAN COURTFalse alarm or false call, other
34907/22/200920:22SCHOONER COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
34807/22/200915:54CRESCENT ROADRescue, EMS incident, other
34707/22/200914:33KNISKERN AVECover assignment, standby
34607/21/200919:14MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
34507/21/200919:12KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
34407/21/200905:43SCHOONER COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
34307/20/200921:52GUIDEBOARD ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
34207/19/200914:03WILTON COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
34107/19/200909:39ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
34007/18/200908:41KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
33907/18/200907:48GUIDEBOARD ROADArcing, shorted electrical 
33807/16/200915:29MARINA DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
33707/15/200914:48MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
33607/15/200901:04COOKS COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
33507/14/200923:59OAKLEAF DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
33407/14/200920:42SCHOONER COURTEMS call, excluding vehicle 
33307/14/200917:42HUDSON RIVER ROADBuilding fire
33207/14/200917:15LEXINGTON COMMONSMedical assist, assist EMS 
33107/14/200913:55MIDDLETOWN ROADCover assignment, standby
33007/14/200912:18GUIDEBOARD ROADSmoke scare, odor of smoke
32907/12/200923:45GENERALS WAYEMS call, excluding vehicle 
32807/11/200913:14CRESCENT CITY MHPMedical assist, assist EMS 
32707/11/200910:57HUDSON RIVER ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
32607/11/200910:33HUDSON RIVER ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
32507/11/200907:48KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
32407/10/200917:02KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
32307/09/200918:06ROUTE 236Good intent call, other
32207/09/200914:05KATHERINE DRIVEGood intent call, other
32107/08/200920:07ROUTE 9Building fire
32007/08/200912:07RT9 AND GUIDEBOARD ROADGood intent call, other
31907/07/200913:13UPPER NEWTOWN ROADCO detector activation due to 
31807/05/200919:45MALARDS LANDING NORTHService Call, other
31707/04/200903:49MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
31607/04/200902:28KATHERINE DRIVEEMS call, excluding vehicle 
31507/03/200911:02KATHERINE DRIVEGood intent call, other
31407/03/200910:06FELLOWS ROADRescue, EMS incident, other
31307/02/200920:54MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
31207/02/200914:26LAPE ROADMotor vehicle accident with injuries
31107/02/200912:50KATHERINE DRIVEDispatched & canceled en route
31007/01/200919:08MIDDLETOWN ROADWater problem, other
30907/01/200918:33MIDDLETOWN ROADWater problem, other
30807/01/200918:33JAMES DRIVEWater problem, other
30707/01/200918:33DRAKE COURTWater problem, other
30607/01/200918:31KATHERINE DRIVEDispatched & canceled en route
30507/01/200917:59MALLARDS LANDING NORTHFlood assessment
30407/01/200917:50SUNCREST DRIVEWater problem, other
30307/01/200917:55SUNCREST DRIVEFlood assessment
30207/01/200917:22MIDDLETOWN ROADWater problem, other
30106/30/200909:57ELENOR COURTFalse alarm or false call, other
30006/30/200908:46HALFMOON DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
29906/28/200915:02PHEASANT RUNMedical assist, assist EMS 
29806/27/200919:22MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
29706/27/200915:15KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
29606/27/200911:28OLD HARBOR DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
29506/27/200908:03MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
29406/25/200917:14MIDDLETOWN  & HARRIS ROADSMotor vehicle accident with injuries injuries
29306/23/200911:17LOWER NEWTOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
29206/22/200908:23HUDSON RIVER ROADVehicle accident, general 
29106/21/200919:22FELLOWS ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
29006/20/200917:2154 KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
28906/19/200916:40BRUNO RDRescue, EMS incident, other
28806/19/200913:33CAMBRIDGE DRIVEGood intent call, other
28706/19/200903:33VICTORY WAYMedical assist, assist EMS 
28606/17/200916:40MARINA DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
28506/16/200911:02HUDSON RIVER ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
28406/15/200919:24HAYNER HEIGHTS DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
28306/15/200914:18ROUTE 236Building fire
28206/14/200917:03HUDSON RIVER ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
28106/13/200915:17MARINA DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
28006/11/200922:23FAIRFAX ROWGood intent call, other
27906/11/200912:36HALFMOON TOWN PLAZAFalse alarm or false call, other
27806/11/200907:34ROUTE 146Dispatched & canceled en route
2776/10/20099:10SCHOONER COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
2766/9/200922:28VICTORY WAYMedical assist, assist EMS 
2756/9/200920:07SCHOONER COURTUnintentional transmission of 
2746/9/200918:28MAPLERIDGE AVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2736/9/200910:22BIRCHWOOD drMedical assist, assist EMS 
2726/8/200916:57VERRANZO WAYCooking fire, confined to 
2716/8/200911:40KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
2706/8/20098:00HAYNER ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
2696/8/20097:06KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2686/6/200917:03MIDLAND CTMedical assist, assist EMS 
2676/6/200913:43YORKTOWN DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
2666/5/200917:34ROUTE 9Motor vehicle accident with injuries 
2656/4/200917:29CAPTAINS BLVDMedical assist, assist EMS 
2646/3/200923:16GARNET COURTEMS call, excluding vehicle 
2636/3/20097:26ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
2626/1/200921:41KATHERN DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2616/1/200917:04COOKS COURTSmoke or odor removal
2606/1/200911:57TIMBERWICK DRIVESystem malfunction, other
2595/31/200922:12GROOMS ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
2585/31/200918:27COLUMBUS AVERescue, EMS incident, other
2575/30/200921:07MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
2565/30/200914:38ROUTE 9Fire, other
2555/30/20094:06HUDSON RIVERMedical assist, assist EMS 
2545/28/200915:19KATHERINE DRIVEGood intent call, other
2535/28/20097:43MIDDLETOWN @ HARRISVehicle accident, general 
2525/25/200919:33LOUDON ROADCover assignment, standby, 
2515/25/200912:11KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2505/24/200910:10MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
2495/24/20092:10MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
2485/24/20090:11FONDA ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
2475/23/200910:34KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
2465/23/20090:21GUIDEBOARD ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
2455/22/200919:25ROUTE 9 @ CHURCH HILLMotor vehicle accident with injuries
2445/22/200914:21ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
2435/21/200923:31MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
2425/21/200920:06ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
2415/21/200914:4929 MANN BLFalse alarm or false call, other
2405/20/200920:13ROUTE 9Brush or brush-and-grass 
2395/20/200920:14PINEPARK TERRACEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2385/20/200916:10KATHERINE DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
2375/20/200914:07OLD ROUTE 146Good intent call, other
2365/20/20097:48ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
2355/20/20096:42SUNCREST DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
2345/19/200919:29CHASE COURTSmoke or odor removal
2335/18/200914:14GRANT HILLCover assignment, standby, 
2325/18/20098:55KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2315/17/200919:11MARINA DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2305/17/200915:55KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
2295/17/200915:29KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2285/17/200914:17KATHERINE DRIVEGood intent call, other
2275/17/200913:13MOHAWK RIVERWatercraft rescue
2265/17/200911:24GROOMS RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
2255/16/200915:50ROUTE 236Medical assist, assist EMS 
2245/15/200916:27CAPTAINS BLVDRescue, EMS incident, other
2235/14/200919:13GUIDEBOARD RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
2225/14/200918:30HUDSON RIVER RDArcing, shorted electrical 
2215/14/200914:1550 DEVITT RDPower line down
2205/12/200917:48HARRIS RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
2195/11/200920:39GROOMS RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
2185/10/200921:06MEUSUM LANECover assignment, standby, 
2175/10/200914:06MIDWAY COURTFalse alarm or false call, other
2165/9/200918:46MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
2155/9/200917:25JAMES DREMS call, excluding vehicle 
2145/8/200920:23LOWER NEWTOWNEMS call, excluding vehicle 
2135/8/200919:41LEXINGTON COMMONS Good intent call, other
2125/8/200919:20ROUTE 9 AT CORPRATE Hazardous condition, other
2115/8/200917:18ROUTE 9 @ CRESCENT ROADRescue, EMS incident, other
2105/7/200917:11ABELE DRIVEBuilding fire
2095/7/200917:10ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
2085/7/200915:18SUMMIT DRCover assignment, standby, 
2075/7/200913:21UPPER NEWTOWN RDMotor vehicle accident with no injuries
2065/6/20091:01CRESCENT CITY MOBILE EMS call, excluding vehicle 
2055/5/200910:26KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2045/4/200918:11KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
2035/4/200914:42BURGOYNE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2025/4/200912:40BURGOYNE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
2015/4/20099:47KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
2005/4/20098:06LOWER NEWTOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
1995/3/200921:20GARNET COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
1985/3/200912:35KATHERINE DRGood intent call, other
1975/3/200910:55TERMINAL DRWater & ice-related rescue, 
1965/3/20097:29KATHERN DRSmoke or odor removal
1955/2/200914:54WALNUT DRBuilding fire
1945/2/200910:17BROOKWOOD RDService Call, other
1935/2/20090:25DUBOIS LNMedical assist, assist EMS 
1925/1/20097:37RAYLINSKY LANEGood intent call, other
1915/1/20097:39ROUTE 146False alarm or false call, other
1904/30/200919:22HARRIS RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
1894/30/200918:53BEACH RDOutside rubbish fire, other
1884/30/200916:54ROUTE 236Brush or brush-and-grass 
1874/30/200911:52MIDDLETOWN ROADPower line down
1864/30/20098:15HALFMOON DRIVEHazardous condition, other
1854/30/20093:17LOUDEN ROADBuilding fire
1844/29/200911:51STAGE RUNMedical assist, assist EMS 
1834/27/200923:23PLANT RDMotor vehicle accident with injuries 
1824/27/200915:31MCBRIDE RDFalse alarm or false call, other
1814/27/200915:13ROUTE. 9Motor vehicle accident with injuries
1804/27/200913:21SCHOONER COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
1794/26/200920:42GROOMS ROADRescue, EMS incident, other
1784/26/200919:57OAKLEAF DRIVERescue, EMS incident, other
1774/26/200917:45KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
1764/25/20099:54SCHOONER COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
1754/24/200917:39CHURCH HILL & ROUTE 9Motor vehicle accident with injuries 
1744/24/20097:43MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
1734/23/20090:09BURGOYNE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
1724/21/200919:05BIRCHWOOD DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
1714/21/200917:33PONDEROSA DRIVEGood intent call, other
1704/20/200904"56413 SOLOMON AVECover assignment, standby
1694/20/20094:56HAYNER HEIGHTSMedical assist, assist EMS 
1684/19/200914:08GARNETT CTMedical assist, assist EMS 
1674/19/200913:15UPPER NEWTOWN RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
1664/17/200912:03BROADWAYCover assignment, standby, 
1654/17/200916:05SCHOONER COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
1644/16/200916:03CRESCENT CITYMedical assist, assist EMS 
1634/14/20096:09HUDSON RIVER RDFalse alarm or false call, other
1624/14/200911:08HALFMOON CROSSING False alarm or false call, other
1614/14/200914:19TOWPATH RD.Brush or brush-and-grass 
1604/14/200919:34GENERALS WAYMedical assist, assist EMS 
1594/13/200914:25SPICE MILL BLVDFalse alarm or false call, other
1584/13/200915:39KATHERINE DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
1574/11/200912:20GUIDEBOARD RD &236Motor vehicle accident with injuries
1564/10/20096:37HUDSON RIVER ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
1554/9/200913:17KNISKERN AVEFalse alarm or false call, other
1544/8/20091:17HUDSON RIVER RDSystem malfunction, other
1534/8/20097:20KATHERINE DRIVECooking fire, confined to 
1524/8/200915:11HUDSON RIVER ROADSystem malfunction, other
1514/8/200916:38HUDSON RIVER ROADPower line down
1504/7/200918:10FONDA ROADElectrical  wiring/equipment 
1494/6/200919:08DEVITT RDPower line down
1484/6/200919:26FURGUSON STMedical assist, assist EMS 
1474/6/200912:26MIDDLETOWN RD.Medical assist, assist EMS 
1464/6/200922:01HUDSON RIVER RDFalse alarm or false call, other
1454/5/200912:29GUIDEBOARD RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
1444/5/200914:01MIDDLETOWN RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
1434/4/200912:54BIRCHWOOD DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
1424/3/200917:24SPICE MILL BLVDFalse alarm or false call, other
1414/3/200920:33BIRCHWOOD DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
1404/2/200913:54KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
1394/1/20095:19BIRCHGLEN DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
1384/1/200912:07CLEMENTE LANEMedical assist, assist EMS 
1374/1/200918:59MARINA WOODSMedical assist, assist EMS 
1363/31/200912:10LOWER NEWTOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
1353/31/200913:58FELLOWS ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
1343/30/20093:20HALFMOON DRPower line down
1333/28/200920:08SUNSET BLVDMedical assist, assist EMS 
1323/26/200914:45SPRUCEWOOD COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
1313/25/20099:17HUDSON RIVER ROADGas leak (natural gas or LPG)
1303/25/200910:16KATHERINE DRIVESmoke detector activation due 
1293/25/200910:54SITTERLY ROADSmoke scare, odor of smoke
1283/25/200915:38ROUTE 9Motor vehicle accident with injuries 
1273/23/20097:35CRESCENT ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
1263/22/20099:02LOWER NEWTOWN RD.Medical assist, assist EMS 
1253/22/200911:46COOKS COURTCooking fire, confined to 
1243/20/200922:19HARRIS & STAGE RUNService Call, other
1233/20/200913:30ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
1223/20/200916:52SUMMIT TRAILFalse alarm or false call, other
1213/20/200920:42PHEASENT RUNCooking fire, confined to 
1203/19/20097:58SCHOONER COURTFalse alarm or false call, other
1193/19/200913:23HUDSON RIVER ROADMotor vehicle accident with injuries
1183/16/20092:41HARVEST WAYOutside storage fire
1173/16/20093:15UPPER NEWTOWN RDOutside rubbish, trash or waste 
1163/15/200914:49LOWER NEWTOWN RDChimney or flue fire, confined to 
1153/14/200915:17VALE DRIVENatural vegetation fire, other
1143/14/200922:18MIDDLETOWN RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
1133/12/200917:42TUPALO DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
1123/11/200912:48PLANK RDBuilding fire
1113/11/200914:04MARINA DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
1103/9/20099:08MIDDLETOWN RDWater problem, other
1093/8/200917:42UPPER NEWTOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
1083/8/200922:06HARRIS ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
1073/7/20095:34FELLOWS RDRescue, EMS incident, other
1063/7/20099:13FELLOWS RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
1053/7/200918:22GROOMS ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
1043/6/200920:57BIRCHWOOD DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
1033/5/200912:48PINE PARKWater problem, other
1023/3/200917:32KATHERINE DRGood intent call, other
1013/3/200921:31GUIDEBOARD RDFire, other
1003/1/200917:26GUIDEBOARD RDChimney or flue fire, confined to 
993/1/200921:06PLANK RDEMS call, excluding vehicle 
982/26/200919:54MIDDLETOWN RD.Medical assist, assist EMS 
972/25/200915:07ANCHOR DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
962/25/200921:21MIDDLETOWNFalse alarm or false call, other
952/24/200911:00EXECTIVE PARK DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
942/24/200917:16HALFMOON DRWater evacuation
932/24/200917:31TOWPATH LNAlarm system activation, no fire -
922/23/20098:14GUIDEBOARD RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
912/23/200911:08ALLEN DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
902/23/200917:02NYS ROUTE 9Power line down
892/22/20092:25GUIDEBOARD RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
882/22/200911:31TIMBER DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
872/22/200918:04HUDSON RIVER ROADMotor vehicle accident with injuries
862/21/200914:28BIRCH GLENMedical assist, assist EMS 
852/21/200921:59ANCHOR DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
842/20/200921:57ROUTE 9Extrication of victim(s) from 
832/19/20098:15KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
822/18/20092:55ORCHARD LANEService Call, other
812/18/200914:11HARRIS & MIDDLETOWNMotor vehicle accident with injuries
802/17/20098:17RT 146Smoke detector activation due 
792/17/20099:15CATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
782/17/200917:43HAYNER HEIGHTSMedical assist, assist EMS 
772/17/200917:52WOODIN AND GROOMSMotor vehicle accident with injuries
762/15/200913:36GENERALS WAYMedical assist, assist EMS 
752/15/200917:04CLIPPERSHIPWater problem, other
742/14/20093:45LOOKOUT LNMedical assist, assist EMS 
732/14/200913:01BIRCHWOOD DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
722/13/20099:27HARRIS ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
712/12/20091:12GUIDEBOARD ROADArcing, shorted electrical 
702/10/200912:44TUPELO DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
692/9/20097:36HUDSON RIVERMotor vehicle accident with injuries no injuries
682/8/200911:51MIDDLETOWN ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
672/8/200913:45ROUTE 9False alarm or false call, other
662/7/20096:31MIDWAY MOBILE HOME PARKMedical assist, assist EMS 
652/6/200916:15ENGLEMORE DRCover assignment, standby, 
642/5/20098:13LONGWOOD DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
632/5/200917:22TOWN HALL PLAZAMedical assist, assist EMS 
622/5/200919:07HUDSON RIVER ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
612/1/200910:27OREGON TRAILMedical assist, assist EMS 
602/1/200912:26SCHUYLER CT.Water problem, other
592/1/200916:15DEVITT RDGas leak (natural gas or LPG)
581/31/200920:35GROOMS RDSmoke scare, odor of smoke
571/30/20097:48HARVEST WAYMedical assist, assist EMS 
561/30/20098:20PLANK ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
551/29/20097:10DUNSBACH ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
541/28/200911:32KATHERINE DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
531/28/200918:00CRESCENT CITY TRL PKMedical assist, assist EMS 
521/28/200919:20KATHERINE DRIVEFalse alarm or false call, other
511/28/200921:17BROOKWOOD ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
501/27/200913:50FAIRFAX ROWMedical assist, assist EMS 
491/25/20099:14KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
481/25/20099:44KYLE DRGood intent call, other
471/25/20099:45KATHERINE DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
461/25/200919:21OREGON DRCO detector activation due to 
451/24/20097:55GUIDEBOARD ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
441/24/200920:02GENERALS WAYMedical assist, assist EMS 
431/22/20091:58TIMBERWICK DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
421/22/200911:13EQUESTRIAN WAYFalse alarm or false call, other
411/22/200912:48HUDSON RIVER ROADSprinkler activation due to 
401/22/200912:52HUDSON RIVER ROADFalse alarm or false call, other
391/22/200914:11PINE PARK TERRACEWater problem, other
381/22/200914:32MIDWAY COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
371/22/200915:45MIDWAY COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
361/22/200920:07BIRCHWOOD DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
351/21/200920:50KATHERINE DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
341/20/200912:48KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
331/19/200915:09LAPE ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
321/18/20093:39GROOMS RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
311/18/200913:42TERMINAL DRMotor vehicle accident with injuries
301/18/200917:04EXCECUTIVE PARK DRIVEWater problem, other
291/18/200918:01YORKTOWN DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
281/16/20093:58GRENADIER COURTGood intent call, other
271/16/200910:56KATHERINE DR.Medical assist, assist EMS 
261/16/200919:12PLANK ROADGood intent call, other
251/15/200920:59CHURCH HILL ROADChimney or flue fire, confined to 
241/14/200918:07TIMBER DRIVEGood intent call, other
231/13/200919:25PINE PARK TERRACEMedical assist, assist EMS 
221/13/200919:28GROOMS RDMedical assist, assist EMS 
211/13/20099:10WOODIN RDGood intent call, other
201/11/20097:46KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
191/11/200917:43BARLEY COURTMedical assist, assist EMS 
181/11/200922:20LEXINGTON COMMONSGood intent call, other
171/10/20095:51STATE ROUTE 9Building fire
161/10/200915:32ROUTE 9Motor vehicle accident with injuries
151/9/20098:57LAPE ROADBuilding fire
141/9/200916:45ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
131/8/20096:24KATHERINEMedical assist, assist EMS 
121/8/200922:28ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
111/7/20095:32PINE PARKMedical assist, assist EMS 
101/6/20095:50ROUTE 9Medical assist, assist EMS 
91/6/20098:28DEVITT ROADMedical assist, assist EMS 
81/6/200910:55LOOKOUT LANEMedical assist, assist EMS 
71/6/200911:49KATHERINE DRIVEMedical assist, assist EMS 
61/5/200914:52EXECUTIVE PARKMedical assist, assist EMS 
51/5/200915:07KNISKERN DRFalse alarm or false call, other
41/2/200913:36CRESCENT RDFalse alarm or false call, other
31/2/200914:55MARINA DRMedical assist, assist EMS 
21/2/200915:45CANAL ROAD @ CRESCENTMotor vehicle accident with injuries
11/1/20093:52ROUTE 9 @ PLANT ROADMotor vehicle accident with injuries

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Member Awards

Fireman of the Year - Brad Capelli

Junior Member of the Year - Ashley Hayner

Member of the Year - Paul Rickard

Community Recognition Award - Melissa LeMay of the Express Newspaper

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Upcoming Events

Tue Jul 17, 2018 @ 6:30PM - 10:00PM
Tue Jul 24, 2018 @ 6:30PM - 10:00PM
Tue Jul 31, 2018 @ 6:30PM - 10:00PM
Tue Aug 07, 2018 @ 6:30PM - 10:00PM
District Meeting
Mon Aug 13, 2018 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM