Recent Calls

2018 Calls To Date: 650

2017: 799

Devitt Structure Fire

On the early evening of September 6, 2018 at approximately 6:40P Saratoga County Sheriffs Dispatch Center received a call for a house fire on Devitt Road in the Halfmoon-Waterford Fire District. Car 32-9, Assistant Chief James Mulligan was the first unit to call en-route notifying dispatch he had a column of smoke rising in the area, arriving on scene he immediately had the county re-call Halfmoon stating they had a working fire. Following his re-call he also requested mutual aid t be activated from Waterford Fire with an engine, and Bought Fire for their F.A.S.T Team. Chief Brian Boudreau Arrived on scene shortly after and assumed the position of command, ER-32-2 was requested while en-route to pull 2  lines; 2.5 attack line to the rear and a 1 3/4 through the front of the structure. A very quick and aggressive fire attack took place that brought the fire under control quickly. A water supply was established and mutual aid from West Crecent Fire provided coverage for Halfmoon Fire, Clifton Park fire was also called to provide their rescue with an air system to fill the spent air cyliders. Saratoga County Fire Car 1 and 5 along with the County Cause and Origin Team were requested to the scene to investigate the cause of the fire. Additionally Waterford Rescue Squad Inc. stood by for firefighter safety and be on hand if any injuries should've ocured. No unjuries were reported, Waterford Police were also on scene to keep crowd control and assist with the investigation. 


Halfmoon thanks all the resources and man power for their quick and effective response. 


Tree with Wires Down

On the evening of August 4th, 2018 after a quick moving storm passed, The Halfmoon-Waterford Fire District No. 1 was Alerted to a large tree into a house and vehicle with wires down. No injuries were reported or found. Command on scene requested Town of Halfmoon Code Enforcement to the scene for structural damage and national grid for service repair. 

Mutual Aid Northside

On January 25th Halfmoon-Waterford Fire District No.1 responded to Northside Fire District for a reported structure fire at the former Henry Meat Market on Saratoga Ave. Northside and Waterford arrived to find a heavy smoke condition, requested mutual aid from Halfmoon to the scene, Boght as the FAST team and Mechanicville Fire requested to standby at Waterford Station 3. Also on scene was Waterford Police, Waterford Rescue and Saratoga County Car 5 and Cause & Origin Team.

Mutual Aid  Mechanicville

The City of Mechanicville (NY) fire department was dispatched for this recent structure fire at 36 Saratoga Avenue around 12:15 a.m. The first-arriving chiefs on scene called immediately called for the second alarm with fire showing on the second floor and starting to extend into the exposure structure. Command requested EMS to the scene priority one for a resident that had injuries from the fire and three additional ambulances to the scene.

Mutual Aid Clifton Park

Clifton Park and the Mutual Departments responded to 24 Hendrik Hudson way for multiple calls for a house fire. The first arriving police unit confirmed they had a working structure fire. Also responding were firefighters with Halfmoon, Round Lake, Vischer Ferry, West Crescent, and Jonesville.  The first-arriving engine went to work, searching the home for the family pets and were able to save the family's dog and one cat. Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack but were pulled from the building as the roof collapsed in to the second floor because of the heavy fire load in the attic. Firefighters evacuated the building and Truck 4 opened up with a master stream attack, knocking down the heavy fire. This allowed firefighter to make entry back in to the home and knock down the rest of the remaining fire.


Mutual Aid Clifton Park

The Town Of Halfmoon Departments were alerted to Clifton Park Fire District for a working fire in progress. Units that responded; Clifton Park Fire, Hillcrest Fire, Halfmoon Fire, West Crescent Fire, Mechanicville Fire, Jonesville Fire and Round Lake Fire provided the F.A.S.T. assignment. Clifton Park EMS, Saratoga County Sherrifs, County Cars 1 and 5 and Cause and Origin Team. also onscene. Great response with great team work provides a very lucky Town resident from a total loss of property. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

Mutual Aid Clifton Park

 A family escaped a fire that tore through their home on Ray Road Friday morning, officials said Friday morning. The blaze, which engulfed and destroyed the 58 Ray Road single-family house, was reported at about 3 a.m., Vischer Ferry Assistant Chief Patrick Canale said. Despite the early hour, people inside the home got out without injury. Canale said firefighters fear a family dog perished in the flames.

Mutual Aid Clifton Park

Investigators are looking into what caused a fire that destroyed a home in Clifton Park at midnight. It happened on Cardin Drive through the night, into Thursday. Multiple departments were called in to help fight the flames. Firefighters say the house was a total loss, and part of it was demolished after the flames were put out. Fire officials say no one was home at the time, and no injuries were reported.

Car Accident Halfmoon

This afternoon Halfmoon-Waterford Fire District No 1 responded to a property damage motor vehicle accident at the Crescent Common Plaza Wine and Liquor. Luckily no injuries and building suffered minor damage to the pillar. On scene was Halfmoon-Waterford Fire ER 322, M 325 and Car 320, State Police, Halfmoon Town Code Enforcement along with the property owner.